This is Maga-chan of Aichi Prefecture. He rides a totally custom 1995 NSR 50 which has been modified extensively. After a minor crash he decided to create a whole new image for his bike. Starting with the outside he added a VIPER upper and lower cowl and a Beet Japan front aero fender custom painted in the 1995 Honda Works colors. Engine performance has been improved with a big carb kit, carbon reed valves and a Yokota racing chamber. Other extras include a polished top bridge from SPI, adjustable front forks, NHK steering damper, separate handles from Hurricane, high throttle kit and a SPI position step up kit. Braking has been improved with Daytona red pads front and rear with a mesh type hose on the front and the rear master cylinder has been removed. Tires are Bridgestone Battalax BT39SS. This bike may only be a 50cc but it sure looks great and has enough power to surprise plenty.