March Mini Madness

Nobu - 20K for full size
50cc race - 127K Click for full size
Nochibi - 65K for more
Jha NSR 80 complete - 82K for more Taguchi - 61K Click for more Nobu - 65K for full size Itokin - 63K Click for full size
Double wheelie - 59K Click for more Tomonori - 49K Click for more Yakuruto - 46K for full size NSR 50 wheelie - 36K for more
Suri Suri Kun - 71K Click for full size Larry - 43K Click for more Eiji - 68K Click for full size Kitaco NR50 - 81K for full size
Mitsuhira - 65K Click for more
Young Takeda - 23K for full size
Kesui - 62K Click for full size
Odaka - 64K Click for more

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Suzuka Japan Moto GP pictures
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