Proton KR3

Click for much higher detailed full size picture - 96KI find this bike extremely fascinating !! I got a good look at it and this bike kicks major butt !! The Proton KR3 built by the the Kenny Roberts group is just a three cylinder and still puts out over 175 horsepower with 500cc of displacement. The pictures are really bad, but I took a good look up close and the rear swingarm is made of super light weight carbon fiber. One of the team engineers let me hold the spare rear swingarm and it weighed almost nothing. I asked him as a joke how much it cost ? Maybe " 20,000 US Dollars ?? " and he just laughed at me and told me that I wasn't even close !!

This bike is owned and operated by the Kenny Roberts group and you can find out more about it here at the Official Web Site for this cool bike that I will be cheering for along with Rossi !! It's ridden by Dutch rider Jurgen vd Goorbergh.