NSR500 spare parts

That nice technician - 70K for full sizeI like this picture. All of these cowls just lying around in the Shell Advance Paddock. I was talking with one of the technicians about these seats and he said that just a seat cowl was worth about 15,000 US Dollars because they are made of some special honeycomb kevlar material. He allowed me to hold some of the bodywork and it was just so light, unbelievable. What a nice guy he was, we were talking for a while and then I noticed there was some damaged bodywork lying around from a NSR 500V, I asked him as a joke if I could have this and he said " I guess it would be OK " so I picked it up and was about to thank him deeply and run away before he changed his mine when another crew technician stepped in and took back the cracked seat cowl. Too bad !! That would have been the best souvenir. But I still wanted to thank this nice technician for trying. What a great guy !!