Looking at this bike you would never think it's a 1988 model, but if you look closely you can tell. This bike actually started off as an 88 model. The owner who is from the northern part of Japan, Aomori Prefecture goes by the nick name Makochi. He was lucky enough to get a complete rear suspension and Mag-Tek wheel from a 1991 NSR 250 SP model, other parts borrowed from the donor MC21 bike were the speedo and tacho meter, full bodywork, radiator, top bridge, master cylinder, front brakes and a wheel from a standard R type NSR 250. Extras added were Dog Fight Racing pipes, a Bakudan carb kit, Daytona carbon reed valves, BEET aero front fender and an adjustable rear shock from a 1994 MC28 SP NSR. The owner custom made a fenderless kit and painted the bike himself in another version of the Pentax colors. Total cost of this project including the bike, all parts and materials was about 4,500 US Dollars.