Welcome to the Links page of other NSR and NSR related web sites. I will try my best to keep them up to date and active. There are more links in the Tuning section as well !! Also check out the Non-NSR related links too !!
An excellent site (in Japanese) about a local rider and all of his modifications he has done to his NSR since he bought hit new. Lots of information, but unfortunately only in Japanese. Take me to Bonsai Road for more.
Hide owns a really cool and custom MC21 bike. All of the information is documented about his bike on his site (in Japanese). He enjoys working on his NSR and building his own parts for it. Take me to Hide's Style for more.
Tyga Performance makes some incredible parts at unbelievably low prices. World wide shipping, custom parts and painting, special orders, new and used parts, complete bikes and more. Take me to the Official Tyga Performance page for more information.
This is one of the most popular NSR websites in Japan operated by my friend Momo. He has several MC18 NSR's and loves to work on and customize the bikes himself while keeping cost down to a minimum. An extremely informative website with "How to articles" complete with step by step pictures, message boards, loads of info and more, all in Japanese. Always updated !! Take me to Ijitterukai for more. Ijitterukai (ee-gee-tel-roo-kai) means something like do it yourself customizing in Japanese.
Two stroke spirits is a simple yet fun and informative site dedicated to the NSR. The owner has a MC18 and a MC21 and is very active in racing here in Japan. This site is in Japanese only, but does have pictures, a Forum, trouble shooting guide and more. Take me to Two Stroke Spirits for more.
This is a really cool site from Japan. Ponji has a custom MC21 Tyga equipped NSR and he specializes in design, paint, custom graphics and artwork. Though his site is in Japanese only you can find your way around quite easily thanks to the English manual. Take me to Ponji's Home Page for more. Ponji was also a past Bike of the Month.
This is a great site from Japan page with all kinds of information, bulletin boards, a gallery where you can upload your own pictures and a whole lot more. The Webmaster rides a very cool and custom MC28 Rothmans and races a RS250. Unfortunately in Japanese only. Take me to 2 & 4 Web Magazine for more. Be sure to click on the left hand side buttons for the NSR Website.
Dog Fight R has recently released new pipes in stainless steel. Unfortunately their site is entirely in Japanese and it is hard to get parts from them but at least you can check out their site anyway. Take me to Dog Fight Racing for more.
Peters NSR page has lots of information such as technical help, parts listings, tuning info, history and a nice NSR Forum. Unfortunately it is all in a foreign language to me which I believe is German. If you can understand German, you must check out this Website. Take me to Peters NSR Page for more information.
My other Website dedicated to the 12 inch wheeled NSR mini bike. I decided to split up my Website, the Mini Website has all the history, specs and much more. Take me to Jamie's NSR Mini Bike Website for more.
Battle Factory specializes in racing. Located in Suzuka, Japan. They supply several GP teams and other racing crews with everything possible you might need to compete. NSR spares, bodywork, stands, accessories, rearsets, clip ons, new and used parts, complete bikes and more. Take me to the Battle Factory for more.
Be sure to check out Rocket Racing for all kinds of information about racing with the AFM in the USA. The Rocket man races a sweet MC21 NSR and in addition has a cool looking Repsol painted NSR 250. A helpful parts list and stuff for sale. Take me to Rocket Racing Rocket Racing has by far the best scans of the NSR 250 parts list on the Internet today !! Awesome

Here is my favorite Honda mini bike page !! It's a fun page !! Highly recommended if you are a mini bike fan !! The owner has a bunch of NSR mini bikes and a super clean NSR250R SE. There are project bikes and regular updates as well. Take me to Larry's 50 cc Street Bikes

Hiro and his personal website about his cool and custom NSR and more !! This page is mostly in Japanese, but it is great to check out and see his awesome NSR and all the modifications he has done. Take me to Hiro's Custom NSR Homepage for more.
Frank Toby Chi's cool Website showing off his awesome pair of NSR 250's !! A flash movie and cool graphics. Take me to Toby's NSR 250 page for more pictures and information.
Gure and his personal Website about the NSR, his cars and more about him !! The page is mostly in Japanese at the moment. The page works best if you have Shockwave. Take me to Gure's World.
The official HRC Website direct from Japan and now in English !! Finally you can understand what Honda was talking about. Full of specs, news and more. Take me to the official HRC page.
This is Nisshin's homepage of Japan. His site is loaded with info about trouble shooting, carb setting, loads of technical stuff and plenty more about the NSR 250 in English and Japanese. Be sure to check out his cool NSR. Take me to Nisshin's Homepage. Always updated !!
The classic NSR homepage with good info about the NSR , be sure to check out the owners bike. Also there are manuals in English for MC21 NSR's and lots of technical info. Take me to Mike's NSR page. I know this site is actually down, but I want to keep this up cause it was the first real NSR Website around.

Latest links : in order of addition

I have decided to keep some of the older dead links available below just incase they ever come back again.

Bonsai Road - Feb 1, 2009
Hide's Style - Feb 1, 2009
Two Stroke Spirits - July 1, 2004
DEAD LINK Matsuken's Laboratory - April 1, 2004 DEAD LINK
Ponji's Home Page - April 1, 2004
2 & 4 Web Magazine - March 2, 2004
Peters NSR Page - February 1, 2004
DEAD LINK Petit Rider - November 16, 2003 DEAD LINK
Ijitterukai -October 1, 2003
DEAD LINK Yappa NSR250R Deshou - September 1, 2003 DEAD LINK
Hiro's Custom NSR Homepage - August 1, 2003
DEAD LINK JC Racing - June 3, 2003 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK The NSR Fan site - September 8, 2002 DEAD LINK
Jamie's NSR Mini Bike Website - September 1, 2002
DEAD LINK Infinit-reality - August 1, 2002
Battle Factory - June 15, 2002
DEAD LINK Nicholas Rev - February 1. 2002 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK Act Against Acty - February 1, 2002 DEAD LINK
Technical Sports Racing - TSR November 24, 2001
DEAD LINK Leopard Cargo November 23, 2001 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK NSR Style September 23, 2001 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK Majeros NSR Website added September 22, 2001
DEAD LINK Kyon's NSR 250 Website added September 1, 2001 DEAD LINK
Toby's NSR250 added August 1, 2001
Larry's 50cc Street Bikes added August 1, 2001
DEAD LINK NSR250SP.COM added June 29, 2001 DEAD LINK
Gure's World added June 26, 2001
Official HRC Website added May 1, 2001
DEAD LINK Motor Freaks added Apr 17, 2001 DEAD LINK
Dog Fight R Racing added March 24, 2001
Tyga Performance added March 23, 2001
DEAD LINK Oh! my NSR added March 22, 2001 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK Ben's NSR Site added February 2, 2001 DEAD LINK
DEAD LINK NSR Ice Racing added November 16, 2000 DEAD LINK
Nisshin's Homepage added Nov 16, 2000
DEAD LINK Honda Exotic Grey Bikes added Nov 8, 2000 DEAD LINK
Rocket Racing added Oct 14, 2000