89K - Click for full size image BRAKING Wave disc rotors. 296mm sized for the RS250, VFR/RVF400, CBR600 or VTR1000. High carbon content stainless steel outer disc with light alloy inner, wave design cleans the surface for greatly reduced fade, lighter weight, more consistent linear feel and great looks. The ultimate rotors for a RS250 or RVF400 front end converted NSR.
One set (two discs:left and right) ----- 995 US Dollars plus shipping
14K - Click for full size image The finest master cylinder you can buy for your NSR. Major improvements in brake feeling and control. The Works spec Brembo radial master cylinder. 19x20 size.
All models ----- 445 US Dollars plus shipping
22K - Click for full size image SP high performance brake pads. For use with your stock rotors, stainless or cast iron discs. Wet and dry conditions with reduced brake fad and greatly improved performance. Front or rear available.
MC18 --- (Front/rear) per caliper --- 63
MC21 --- (Front/rear) per caliper --- 63
MC28 --- (Front/rear) per caliper --- 63
18K - Click for full size image Air free Banjo bolts. Lightweight anodized aluminum. Choice of five colors (Blue, red, silver, purple and titan grey) Double disc for the front and single disc for the rear brake. Fits all NSR models.
Double disc ----- 27US Dollars plus shipping
Single disc ----- 25 US Dollars plus shipping
New Adapter Brackets 51K - Click for full size image All new BREMBO caliper adapter brackets. CNC machined adapters allow fitting of Brembo calipers (40mm pitch) to your MC28, MC21 and now for your MC18. Fits your stock front forks. Complete kit with with stainless bolts. Sorry for use with stock sized rotors or discs only. Unfortunately the manufacturer of this part has raised their prices quite a bit.
MC 18 (stock size rotors) ----- 194 Dollars plus shipping
MC 21 (stock size rotors) ----- 194
MC 28 (stock size rotors) ----- 194
44K - Click for full size image Brembo 4-Pot cast aluminum calipers. Same calipers as used on many Italian super bikes. Bolts on to your 93 and up RS250 forks. Brand new with brand new pads and quick release pins. 40mm pitch. Better braking performance. NSR250 owners will need the above brackets with stock front forks.
420 US Dollars for one set (left and right)
31K - Click for full size image GP Spec Brembo Mono block calipers. Same calipers as used on many of the works NSR500 machines including world champion Mick Doohan. One piece billet calipers, titanium pistons, bolts and pad retainers. Includes new sintered brake pads. Sold as one set. The best calipers in the world and also the most expensive. One set (left and right) 3,995 US Dollars plus shipping (no typo) 40mm caliper pitch, will fit RS250 forks, NSR500V and NSR500 (non-radial mounts) NSR250 owners will need the above adapter brackets.
73K - Click for full size image Authentic Earls steel braided brake line kits. Complete kit designed specifically for your NSR250. Front kit, double disc. Includes lines with aluminum fittings and PVC protective coating. All banjo bolts, bleeder bolts, crush washers and custom brake line holder. Perfect length for your NSR. Please specify model of NSR
MC16, MC18, MC21 and MC28 ----- 171 US Dollars plus shipping

All prices in US Dollars, shipping is extra