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Stuff I have for sale right now

Sold 132K - Click for full size image Here is a nice set of GOLD NISSIN calipers. These came off of a CBR929 and will bolt on to MC28 bikes with NO adapters needed. They offer better braking performance than the stock MC28 calipers and also look really nice in the gold color. The right hand side caliper has a couple of scratches and nicks. The left caliper is very nice. Pads included with plenty remaining. More pictures here 1, 2
179K - Click for more This is the only MC28 Carbon Kevlar rear fender/hugger in the world for sale!! It is BRAND NEW and was made especially for me by my friends Carbon fiber shop and they made just ONE single unit only using my bike for the model as a test and prototype piece. It never went into production because of the high cost. It is hand made in Japan from the finest materials. A one of a kind fender that looks incredible and weighs practically nothing. The only one in the world !! This is brand new and has never been used. Perfect condition!! More pictures can be found here 1, 2, 3
88K - Click for full size image A single and lonely left hand side rear set (gear changer) from my old MC28 (also fits MC21) NSR. It comes with an aluminum billet short racing step and a blue anodized step up kit (easily removed if not needed). Works fine and could use a bit of cleaning or polishing. Great for spares if you are racing or had an accident. Click here for one more picture.
143K - Click for full size image A very nice pair of used MC28SP disc rotors in excellent condition with no damage. Also included is a BRAND NEW set of alloy full floating button/pin kit in blue (value of $164 plus labor install) Never used since converted to full floating kit. Excellent condition with plenty of thickness remaining and perfectly straight. New MC28 rotors cost over 300 dollars each plus the button kit and installation cost. Click here for another picture.
133K - Click for full size image This is my old MC28 master cylinder from my own bike. After converting to the Brembo radial I don't need this anymore. It comes complete with a mint billet reservoir cover, billet stay and the braided hose, alloy front lever adjuster and alloy bolts all beautifully anodized in blue. The master cylinder was rebuilt two years before it was pulled of the bike and stored away indoors. Worked perfectly before removal. Excellent condition. More pictures here 1, 2

56K - Click for full size image This is my old MC28 front fender from my own NSR. After converting to the RS250 forks I will not need this anymore and am selling it to somebody who needs one. Original Honda OEM SP front fender for MC28 but will fit MC18 and 21 bikes too. Original white paint with Rothmans sticker. No cracks or damage but could use a good waxing. Click here for another picture Rothmans sticker is perfect. This is an original OEM Honda SP fender and NOT after market.
$ 49 US dollars plus shipping
Sold Click for full size This is a pair of BRAND NEW (not used) Daytona Red high performance racing pads for MC18, 21 and 28 NSR 250 bikes. These normally sell for around $55 dollars per caliper ($110 for the front end) I don't need these anymore as I converted to Brembo brakes. Special offer !! Get both of them for $79 to redo your front brakes.
$ 79 US dollars plus shipping for the PAIR (front left and right)
Sold HRC triple core rad - 182K Click for more This is a BRAND NEW Honda HRC triple core aluminum racing radiator for the MC21 and MC28 bikes. This is the ultimate radiator and were made in very limited numbers and are now no longer available. I have just this one. Its brand new and opened just once for the pictures. Perfect in every way for your NSR racer or custom bike. Fits the stock fairing. Also included (not pictured) are the correct hoses and bracket so it fits your MC21 or 28. Very light weight and hand welded. The only last new one I know of on the planet. More pictures here 1, 2, 3 The triple core design keeps your engine cool even on the hottest days allowing your engine to make more power.
Sold 239K - Click for full size image A very rare and hard to find set of MC28 SP forks for sale. These are the real deal and you almost never see them for sale. Incredibly they are in practically mint condition and oil was replaced before they were removed. Perfectly straight, no rust, damage, leaking or pitting. A perfect set of authentic MC28 SP forks with the cool blue quick adjusters. More pictures here 1, 2, 3 Very rare and hard to find, probably the last set I will ever have
Sold 127K - Click for full size image A beautiful set of SANSEI RACING Endurance style quick release clip ons. These were on my own personal MC28 before I made the swap to the RS250 front end. They were hardly ever used, probably like 4 times and are so MINT that they could pass for brand new. No damage or scratches at all. Fits standard NSR front forks. Asking 138 USD plus shipping. These are good as new. Click here to see another picture.
Sold 79K - Click for full size image A used pair of blue preload adjusters in MINT condition. Just like new with no scratches or any damage. Perfect. One pair only. For use with MC18SP, MC21SE/SP and MC28SE/SP front forks.
30 US Dollars plus small shipping charge
Sold 94K - Click for full size image A super mint condition steering damper bracket for your stock sized NSR fork (41mm). This is a two piece type for easy installation and it is made out of a very light and beautiful alloy known as Duralumin. It was hardly used by myself, not a scratch or any damage, just minty fresh. Same as new except a lot cheaper.
40 US Dollars plus small shipping charge
Sold 107K - Click for full size image A used CORIN RS Type deep front fender for the NSR250 with stock forks. This fender retails for over 110 dollars brand new and gives your NSR a much racier look with its deeper side design. Unfortunately it has some cracks and will need to be repaired. Not a major job to fix. This was used on my MC28 before the RS front end conversion. More pictures of the damaged areas here 1, 2 This fender is very light so shipping charges should not be too much.
18 US Dollars plus small shipping charge
Sold 181K - Click for full size image The latest model RS forks (NX5) from a 2003 Honda RS250 racer. Absolutely beautiful and features the latest type external bodies for compression adjusting. These forks are just fantastic. These are very very rare. I was planning to use these on my MC21 project bike but regretfully must sell them as I need the money for school fees. These forks are incredible, no damage, no leaks, perfectly straight, perfect inner tubes, everything is just wonderful. The most amazing dream forks for a NSR project bike or somebody who wants major improvements in handling. Brembo brakes will bolt on with no adapters. These forks are about one pound or half a kilogram (each) lighter than the stock forks. More pictures here 1, 2, 3, 4 I can't believe I am selling these.
Sold 77K - Click for full size image A single 1997 RS125 disc for sale. Full floating type. In MINT condition, Same as RS250 disc but right side only. 296mm diameter, same size as CBR600R. Manufactured by SunStar. 69 US Dollars plus shipping. Beautiful !!
Sold 56K - Click for full size image A custom billet aluminum brake fluid reservoir tank cap for your NSR or other Honda motorcycle. This part is BRAND NEW !! Multi-hole design, ONE ONLY in polished aluminum, very light and very nice. Includes stainless bolts and sticker. Priced new at over 46 USD.
24 US Dollars plus small shipping charge (NEW, not used)
Sold 50K - Click for full size image Honda RS250 aluminum race clip ons. No real major damage, ideal for spares or someone who needs new clip ons for their new Honda RS250 or RVF400 inverted forks. 50mm pipe diameter.
35 US Dollars plus shipping.
Sold 135K - Click for full size image Kawasaki Ninja ZXR250RR SP upside down forks. Could make an interesting project for a custom NSR?? Includes forks, triples and axle shaft. Gold outer tubes. Forks are straight and true but are leaking a little oil. Will need to be overhauled with new fork seals and inner tubes should be refinished. Fully adjustable type. More pics here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Sold 51K - Click for full size image A single stock MC21 right side front disc rotor for sale in very good condition. Measured thickness of 4.1mm (Min thickness is 3.5mm) Right side only.
20 US Dollars plus shipping.
49K - Click for full size image This is a split headlight upper cowl cover for the MC28 from Magical Racing. This part is out of production. New was over 180 US$. I have this used cowl covering in excellent condition for 79 dollars. Shipping extra. A very rare item, be the only person with this in your country !! A great way to cover up a cracked upper or blend it into your existing upper. Click here for one more picture of the installed upper. Side view 48K - Click for full size image
Sold 79K - Click for full size MC18 SP Rear MAGTEK Magnesium Wheel. 18 inch diameter wheel fits 1988 and 1989 NSR250 models. Includes rear disc and sprocket. In excellent condition and totally straight. Tire will be removed for shipping. Half a kilogram lighter in weight than the standard aluminum wheels. Original gold color. More pics here 1, 2, 3
239 US Dollars plus shipping.
Sold 32K - Click for full size image MC18 HRC Steering damper from the RK and F3 race kits. Damper is in good condition and NOT leaking oil. Works fine with no problems. Variable adjustability. More pictures here, PIC2, PIC3
110 US Dollars plus shipping.
Sold 33K - Click for full size image Dizzy Club (Popular 90's racing company in Japan) MC21 Race shock. Manufactured by KYB. Gold anodized shock body and tank. Fully adjustable race shock bolts into your MC21 or MC28 for increased performance. Used but in excellent working condition. A very rare part to find.
Sold 18K - Click for full size image A complete rear brake set up for the MC21 Gull arm NSR250. In good working condition. Includes caliper with 70 percent pads, caliper bracket, master cylinder, brake line and reservoir. Good condition. MC21 NSR250 (1990-93)
68 US Dollars plus shipping.
Sold 28K - Click for full size image

Complete STOCK rear sets from a 1989 NSR250 (MC18) in good working condition. Nice to have a spare for a rainy day. Click here for another view of these rear sets.
70 US Dollars plus shipping.

Sold 113K - Click for full size image MC21 Harc Pro pipes. Complete kit with aluminum silencers, flanges and springs. Some surface rust, one of the pipes has two small minor dents. Works fine and gives major horsepower improvements compared to stock pipes (15 HP+) 299 US Dollars plus shipping cost. Additional pictures here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (large images 80K-125K, please allow some time to download)
Sold 39K - Click for full size image Tyga GP front fender. This part is not used. BRAND NEW!! Painted in Rothmans racing blue with a genuine Honda Rothmans sticker applied (slightly crooked) Will fit MC18, MC21 and MC28. 49 US Dollars plus shipping.
Sold 111K - Click for full size image A used MC28 Jha Carbon style meter panel cover that replaces your stock cover for sportier looks. Used, but in good condition. There is some minor peeling on the back edge (Click here to see zoom up shot 82K)which is not noticeable when you are riding. Priced at only 35 USD plus a small shipping charge.
Sold 53K - Click for full size image MC28 stock NSR clip ons. Left clip on is fine, right clip on is straight buy has some grind damage. Fine for spares or a racer or someone who is not picky of their NSR250. 41mm pipe diameter.
40 US Dollars plus shipping charge.
Sold 41K - Click for full size image MC21/MC28 SP radiator for sale in excellent working condition. Retails new for over 425 dollars. Asking 149 dollars plus shipping cost. This radiator is light so it would cost only a few bucks to ship from Japan.
123K - Click for full size image My old rear MC28 Aluminum wheel (Not Mag-Tek) The wheel has some scratch damage but it is not dented. It got a bit grinded. Click on the picture for a really large size. Also click here for a zoom shot of the actual damage (93K). The wheel is fine for street use if you do not mind the damage.
75 Dollars plus shipping charge

All prices in US Dollars, shipping is extra