NSR Mailing List

The NSR 250 Mailing list

The NSR250 worldwide e-mail list exists to keep the global NSR250 community in touch with each other. It is mostly used to circulate technical information on the NSR250, and for NSR owners to ask advice on technical and tuning information, as well as information on how or where to obtain parts and tuning goodies. The list was first created in 1995, when it was just a small group of NSR owners from around the world. The list was not automated back then, Names and e-mail addresses were circulated amongst ourselves. The list has moved on since then. There are nearly 300 subscribers from places as far apart as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa and many more.

I suggest you join the list, it is sometimes like a chat room, educational and definitely entertaining while helping out NSR 250 owners all over the world !!

To join the list click here !! Follow the instructions and you will be in touch with hundreds of helpful NSR owners from all over the world !!