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Before you e-mail me with some questions, please have a look at these frequently asked questions to save you and myself some time.

1. Where can I get a manual for my NSR in English?
A : Sorry there is no service manual available for the NSR250 in English (yet) Honda only made them in Japanese, there is a small group of people who are undertaking this very long process and someday in the future I believe there will be an on-line manual in English.

2. How much coolant does my radiator hold ? Where can I buy a used set of Magtek wheels, where can I learn more about the NSR ?
A : Simply join the NSR mailing list, it truly is the best and most informative for NSR owners in the world, from newbies to rocket scientists, do not be shy and join the list here.

3. Why don't you have more info about the NSR150SP ?
A : Because the NSR 150 SP is not made in Japan and was never sold here until recently when a few companies decided to bring in small amounts for sale since the Japanese NSR models were discontinued by Honda. How can I go into detail about a bike that I have never seen before, This website is dedicated to the NSR250 only. I have a NSR mini bike website here if you are interested.

4. Where is this secret page ?
Well, I can not just give that away or it would not be a secret, but I can give you some hints. Check at the bottom of the main page, maybe you can find the invisible link, move the mouse around a little, don't be lazy now........

5. Where are you from ? How did you end up in Japan ?
If you can find the secret page, you should be able to find out. I don't know why anyone would care though eh (eh is a hint of the country I am from) I am still unclear myself about the second part of this question.

6. How much money have you put into your NSR?
I don't know, a little here and a littler there over the course of about 9 years !!

7. How much time did you spend making this page and why ?
It all started off as a little project in the early summer of 1999 when I was helping out my work with their website, I thought before I help them (actually they ordered me to help) that I should at least have my own test website, so I uploaded a few pages from my hard drive of my own PC, I actually had made the website around 1997 or so, but never uploaded it to the web (actually I did not know how), it was just one big page with a few pictures in it Pretty bad, you might be able to find the original website in the secret section !! So I guess this page started off as a test and grew from there to probably one of the largest NSR Websites in the world (and still growing)

8. How many beers can you really drink ?
It depends on the day and the beer !!