95K - Click for full size image Honda has been working on some new and more environmentally friendly powered motorcycles recently. Recently unveiled at the 35th annual 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. This electric powered NSR mini bike is super quiet and emits zero emissions. The e-NSR is just a concept bike now, but you could see it go into production in a few years. Honda is planning to produce some "Green" racers in the future to keep mini bike racers happy while not harming the environment. Click here for a much larger picture of the e-NSR ( 211K )
The e-NSR uses a "wheel in direct drive" system that powers the wheels. The rear wheel folds up for easy storage and transportation. The entire bike can be disassembled easily in a matter of minutes and fits into a provided box. The bike is ultra compact and lightweight. Designed for mini bike racing, Honda will probably release a street model as well. Click here for more info in Japanese about the e-NSR from the Official Honda Website. 104K - Click for full size image
Length ( mm )
1,450 mm
Width ( mm )
450 mm
Height ( mm )
750 mm
Drive System
Wheel in direct drive