2 stroke/4 stroke V3 hybrid Moto GP machine??

I have been hearing some rumors and reading about reports in a couple of Japanese racing magazines about Honda working on a new hybrid engine that could possibly debut in the 2004 Moto GP season. Do not get too excited, these are still just rumors. But it appears some exciting things are going on with Honda right now and 2003 could possibly be the last year for the RC211V??? Time will tell....

70K - Click for full size image
70K - Click for full size image
RVW ??? ( 2 stroke/4 stroke hybrid )
RC211V ( Four stroke V5 )
Computer enhanced photos show what the new engine might look like if Honda decided to go ahead with this project, an incredible 3 cylinder hybrid engine. Front two cylinders are 4 stroke and rear single cylinder would be of the two stroke type !! The standard RC211V engine. Four stroke V5 engine. Puts out over 220 Horsepower.
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A computer enhanced image shows what the new hybrid Honda Moto GP machine might look like if Honda decides to go ahead with this project. I would love to see this happen for real. These are just news scoops from Japan and may never even happen, so please do not get too disappointed if Honda abandons this project.

CG images by FDW