Thai Honda NSR 150 RR

85K - click for full size This is the Honda NSR 150 RR which is built for the Thai market. Motorcycles are limited to 150 cc's in Thailand, so this bike was designed and is one of the ultimate bikes in Thailand. Of course you can buy bigger bikes, but these must be imported into the country and can be quite expensive. This bike is also popular in other East Asian countries as well.
This is the NSR 150 RR from the other side and in the other choice of colors which are available. The graphics on the bike are excellent. 74K - Click for full image
35K - Click for full size The front of the bike is different than NSR models in Japan. It features dual diamond headlights with sealed beam halogen bulbs.
The rear of the bike is pure NSR with it's twin round lights. The rear passenger handle grip is unique for the NSR and offers security when you ride with someone else ( quite common in East Asia ) 33K - Click for full size image
39K - Click for full size image The NSR 150 RR is quite quick and requires some serious brakes, so it is equipped with disc brakes for the front and rear with dual piston calipers.
The engine of the bike is a single cylinder dual exhaust port RC valve water cooled engine with 37 horsepower. It also has HECS which stands for Honda Evolutional Catalyzing System that reduces exhaust emissions from the bike. 37K - Click for full size image
39K - Click for full size Model : NSR 150 RR
Engine type : single cylinder, two stroke
Engine size : 149cc
Bore x stroke : 59 x 54.5
Compression : 6.8 : 1
Horsepower : 37ps at 10,000 rpm
Torque : 2.74 kg-m at 9,000 rpm
Gearbox : 6 speed return
Ignition : Electronic CDI unit
Length : 1,970 mm
Width : 685 mm
Height : 1,060 mm
Wheelbase : 1,355 mm
Weight : 120.9 kg
Tire size : (F) 90/80-17, (R) 110/80-17

Choice of colors for the NSR 150 RR


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