Honda NS400R

85K - Click for full size image The NS400R was based on the NS500 factory works racers and was one of the largest sized two stroke bikes built by Honda. It was also fitted with the latest technology in it's time Pictured on the left is the limited edition Rothmans colors model.
The engine was a three cylinder 400cc liquid cooled two stroke engine that made 59 horsepower at 8,500 RPM for the Japanese market. Some people claim that the export models of the NS400R made about 72 horsepower. Technology was borrowed from the GP machines. 65K - Click for full size
72K - Click for full size image ATAC ( Auto-controlled Torque Amplification Chamber ) was designed for high end power and a fat torque curve which made the bike much easier to ride in town than previous two stoke motorcycles.
An interesting fact about the meaning of NS in NS400R and perhaps the NSR as well. The Japanese promo brochure on the right claims that the N stands for Nickel and the S stands for Silicon-carbide. These are materials used in the construction of the cylinders. So that is what the NS means. Interesting !! Click here or on the catalog for more about that and detailed pictures of this brochure. Click to sample this catalog
Specifications for Japanese spec NS400R
Model : MC 19
Engine type : liquid cooled 90 degree V-3 two cycle reed valve
Engine size : 387cc
Bore x stroke : 57.0 x 50.6
Horsepower : 59 ps at 8,500 rpm
Torque : 5.1 kg-m at 8,000 rpm
Carburetor : TA 09
Gearbox : 6 speed return
Gear ratio : 1st - 2.500
2nd - 1.714
3rd - 1.333
4th - 1.111
5th - 0.965
6th - 0.866
Ignition : Electronic CDI unit
Length : 2,025 mm
Width : 720 mm
Height : 1,125 mm
Wheelbase : 1,385 mm
Caster : 27 . 05 degrees
Trail : 100 mm
Dry weight : 163 kg
Fuel Economy : 29 kms per liter at 60 km/h
Tank capacity : 19 liters
Tire size : (F) 100/90 - 16, (R) 110/90 - 17

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