Kuwahara Reproduction stickers for sale

Having problems finding early style white logo Kuwahara decals for your KE-1 and early KZ bikes? Well, so is the rest of the world. Finally a high quality reproduction set is available and priced very reasonably at $25 US dollars for the whole set which includes everything you need for one bike. No more years of searching or worrying about getting sniped on Ebay. These are made from the highest quality materials and they are exact replicas of the originals and are just fabulous. Now is your chance. Don't wait too long. World wide shipping and PayPal is acceptable. To order, contact Jim O'Donnell for further details. You will not be disappointed.

134K - Click for full size image Here they are, the stickers that everybody is looking for. First generation stickers with the old Kuwahara lettering and the Japanese flag off to the side. Perfect replicas in size and quality. Click here or on the picture for a full sized view. The all tubes Tange sticker and smaller Kuwahara Osaka, Japan sticker come with white logos for that perfect vintage look. Finally these are available. Some actual pictures of the stickers are shown below for you on this amazing KZ-1
220K - Click for full size image 411K - Click for full size image 338K - Click for full size image

294K - Click on image for full size picture Newer style stickers are available too. The come in the later style logo and have white matching front fork stickers. Also included is a white logo and black logo ALL TUBES TANGE sticker for you to decide which looks best for you. The actual stickers are pictured below.
251K - Click for full size image 163K - Click for full size image 218K - Click for full size image