This is the Official Kuwahara site in Osaka, Japan. The site is mostly in Japanese but has some English and gives you a good idea of what Kuwahara is up to in today's world. Take me to the Official Kuwahara Site for more about Kuwahara and their different brands and bicycles.
This is the site to check out if you are into Vintage or Old School BMX. Take me to for more The best vintage BMX site in the world!!
This is the Official Kuwahara BMX Website in English. Kuwahara is back into BMX racing and are making some new and amazing BMX bikes based on their old school models. Check it out for sure !! Take me to the Official Kuwahara BMX site.
Howie Cohen of Everything Bicycles was the man who brought Kuwahara BMX to the USA. Check out his historic site for many classic items (Check ET and Kuwahara) While you are there find out more about Howie Cohen and a whole lot more. Take me to Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles for more.
This is the ultimate site for old school Mongoose BMX fans!! It has every thing you could think off. A site you must check out!! Take me to VintageMongoose.COM for more.
Your source for almost any Old school BMX part you may need. The owner Biagio is an expert and can help out with questions, advice, locating rare parts, restoration work and sales. Take me to Vert-Ego Old School BMX & Skate for more.
Here is another great site from the UK. If you are in the United Kingdom you must check out this site. Take me to RADBMX.CO.JP fore a whole lot more.
Another great Old School BMX site. History, pictures, forums and a on-line shop. Take me to OS-BMX.COM for more.
BMX is another fantastic website for BMX enthusiasts. Loaded with history and pictures of all old BMX's. This site is always growing with it's huge database and a cool on-line shop as well. You must check out this site. Take me to BMX for more.
The Old School BMX Website from the Netherlands. This Website is bilingual and full of info, cool pictures, stuff for sale and lots more related to Old School BMX. Take me to Old School BMX. NL for more.
Johan from Belgium with his cool site dedicated to his Hutch passion and his own custom made bikes and frames called JJR. Lots of other info, old school pictures and much more!! Take me to JJR for more.

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