My 1983 Laser Lite

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Hello and Welcome to my Kuwahara Website. This is my 1983 KZ-83 Kuwahara LaserLite.

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Way back in 1983 when I was around 11 years old, growing up in Canada and into BMX racing big time I always wanted to have a Kuwahara Laser Lite. I always rode Kuwahara bikes and loved them and wanted the newest, latest, high end model Laser Lite bike from Kuwahara that went on sale around 1983 or so. It was a lot of money for me during those times and I could not afford it with my part time paper boy job and no help from my Parents who refused to help out. My last Kuwahara was stolen when I parked it for just a couple of minutes at a Pizza shop and had no more wheels after that and needed a new bike fast. So I bought a cheapo Kuwahara model and never got that Laser Lite I always dreamed of... 150K - Click for full size image
137K - Click for full size image Fast forward to the year 2004 and my good friend Gavin in Australia decides to let me just have his old Kuwahara Laser Lite bike for nothing. All I have to do is pay for the shipping charge and it is mine. I immediately agree and he sends out the bike to me which was a spare in his collection and he did not need anymore and wanted a Kuwahara fan to restore it and ride. I was so happy. It took me 20 years but I finally got that Laser Lite I always wanted.

So this is how the project started. The frame and forks arrived here early in 2004 and I polished it up while doing some research of these cool bikes while searching all around the world for the correct parts. During these times I also started this Website cause I was having trouble finding information about Old School Kuwahara BMX and wanted to help out others like me.

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137K - Click for full size image This project took a lot longer than I expected. I was hoping to have the bike done in a couple of months but later found out that was going to be impossible. I wanted this Laser Lite to be one of the best Laser Lite bikes in the world and wanted everything to be just perfect so it took a bit longer than I had originally planned. When the bike arrived to me from Japan it had no wheels, no cranks and pedals, no bars and brakes but was in good shape with the original chrome and stickers.

First thing was to find anything for the bike and I was lucky enough to find a NOS Black Elina Lightning bolt seat. A couple of weeks later I came across NOS Black pads. After that it was a bit of time before I could find anything. Several months later I bought some sweet NOS Redline 401 cranks for this bike and planned to use them like some old factory riders did back in those days. Waiting for wheels to come along.....

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I don't know why, but I decided to go with the Redline/Sugino 400 cranks instead cause I wanted to keep this bike as close to stock specs as possible and era correct. I found a set of NOS 400 cranks in the UK and it cost me a fortune but was worth it. Right after that I traded some stuff from Japan for these NOS Suntour XC-II pedals to my friend in Sweden.

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The bike was coming along except for two things, the correct Laser-Bars and the Black Suntour High Flange Sealed bearing hubs which I could not find after searching for over a year and a half. Just when I was about to give up on this project I found a NOS set of Laser-Bars here locally (in Japan) for about $45 which was just incredible.

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146K - Click for full size image A couple of months later, another friend sets me up with a used but very nice black Dia-Compe MX1000 brake set. Bike is coming along but no wheels yet cause of the hubs. I am looking all over when another good friend saves the day with a perfect set of Black Suntour High Flange sealed bearing hubs. Wow !! I am so happy, I immediately have the hubs built up with some NOS chrome Araya 7X rims, Asahi spokes and Comp III skinwall tires and get ready to finally build the bike up almost two years after the project has started.

So this is how the project turned out. It took a bit longer but I think the wait was worth it. This is about as close as you can come to a new and complete KZ-83 LaserLite today. I am so happy!! Finally I have my Laser Lite. Life is good !!

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Jamie, Japan
1983 Kuwahara Laser Lite KZ-83
Kuwahara Laser Lite Oval forks, Hatta MX headset
Redline approved Sugino 400 Cranks 180mm/ Suntour XC-II pedals/ Suntour 44T chainring/ Suntour 16T freewheel
Araya 7X rims/ Suntour Sealed Bearing hubs/ Asahi chrome double butted spokes/ Black alloy nipples/ Comp III tires (big/small)
Kuwahara Laser-Bars/ Suntour stem/ Ame Tri Grips
Elina Lightning Bolt Seat/ Kuwahara Laser-Post/ Suntour Arrow seat post clamp
Dia Compe MX1000 rear brake with Tech 3 lever
Izumi Black Chain / Kuwahara California Lite Padset / Alloy valve caps/ Single chain adjuster
Past Pictures of my Laser Lite
59K - This is how the project started when it first came to my place 97K - The frameset assembled by hand 102K - The KZ-83 modelled by Buddy the super dog
26K - The Suntour Arrow seat post clamp 64K - KZ-83 Dropouts in very nice condition 31K - The Laser Lite top tube sticker
60K - Suntour stem, head lock and original headset in excellent condition which I pulled apart and cleaned up 68K - KZ-83 guarded by Buddy 118K - The 401 cranks I was going to use but decided not to use, a NOS Elina Lightning bolt seat and the NOS black Kuwahara pads I found.