Some updated pictures of Erich Bohme's Kuwahara bike from Santiago, Chile
This picture below was taken on May 7, 1983 in Chile of the starting line from one of Erich's BMX races as a child.

Erich from Chile is the proud owner of this Kuwahara Survivor 2.5, Having a Kuwahara was one of his childhood dreams but in Chile it was almost impossible to find a Kuwahara. A few years ago Erich was lucky enough to find one and is now restoring it. A new padset and sticker set are next for him.

This bike is all original except for the rear brake which was replaced when the original was stolen, a softer seat is used for riding but Erich still has the original Elina seat and newer tires replaced the old Comp III tires. Erich is still not finished with the bike and has plans to complete the restoration someday.