For Sale/Trade
My Wanted List Below

Hello, I do not have much, but here are a few parts I don't really need right now. I am more interested in trading than selling but you can always ask. Please contact me here. Thank you!!
177K - Click for full size image A brand new NOS Izumi chain in PINK. How often do you see pink chains from Izumi? Its still wrapped up in the original plastic and comes with the box. Truly NOS and quite rare. Open to trades
Kuwahara stickers - 190K Click for full size image Early Kuwahara sticker set from Australia. I am still not quite sure for what model of Kuwahara these belong on but they are very old and in perfect condition. Definitely Old School. I have never seen these kind of stickers on E-Bay before. Slightly smaller in size than the newer LaserLite stickers. Open to offers.
77K - Click for full size image A perfect NOS set of Oakley B-1B grips. These are perfect and have never been used. Very rare and hard to find Black/ Gray colors. I am more interested in partial trades towards an SE Quadangle frame/fork set project bike if possible. You will probably never find NOS grips like these again.
143K - Click for full size image NOS (New Old Stock) Comp III Tire made by Mitsuboshi. This tire is brand new but I would give the rubber rating an 8 out of 10 due to it's storage in a box in a garage for the last 15 years or so. Size is 20 inch x 1.50 width. Tire is NOS. Color is Red.
48K - Click for full size image Kashimax COPY seat. I am not sure of the manufacturer but it says Permaco under it. I bought this brand new and don't need it anymore cause I found the real one. Color is black and includes the seat guts.
ET poster - 32K Click for full size image Patrick from Flatlandfuel came across a bunch of original ET posters that were in storage and is selling them for just $12.99 each which is a bargain. He has a few of them left and they are authentic. Get them while you can. You can Email him at or buy here directly from their website.

My Wanted List

Suntour Parts
Suntour VX Cranks in Gold or Red
Suntour High Flange Hubs in Gold, Red or Black
Suntour Stems in gold or red

Dia Compe MX1000 Brakes
Dia Compe MX1000 Brake calipers in gold, red, blue, black and chrome
Dia Compe Tech 3 and 4 levers in gold, red, blue and black

Other parts
Tires - Comp II or III colored tires 20 inch
IRC BMX Z tires in black or colors (Red, Blue or Yellow)

I am also looking for a new project and would like to build an old SE quadangle if I could find one. Also I am looking for parts for my Motomag Mongoose build (motomag wheels and more) and parts for my 1979 Redline MX-II project as well if you have stuff to trade. Thank you and cheers