Sayonara Daijiro

136K - Click for full size image Daihiro coming out of a corner during the IRTA testing session 86K - Daijiro having a chat before his last race......
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99K - Click for more of Kato on the 2002 NSR500 58K - Daijiro recieving an award from a Japanese politician after winning the 2001 Moto GP 250 class 84K - Daijiro in the paddock chilling out before a race of the 2002 season 91K - Daijiro getting a push start after pulling out of his paddock area
It was a sad opening day for the start of the Moto GP season. One of my favorite racers, Daijiro Kato crashed really hard into the wall on his Telefonica Movistar Honda RC211V. I could not see the crash clearly even though it had happened almost nearly in front of me. I was shocked and could not believe what I was seeing, an ambulance pulled up and some pit crew guys carried him away on a stretcher. His body was completely still and one of his arms was hanging off the stretcher. He looked like he was dead. I was so worried and hoped he would be fine......half way through the race, one of the Japanese announcers said he was being treated for head and chest concussions and was doing is still so hard to believe. I will miss Daijiro so much !! Thank you for all the great memories. We all will miss you !!