Daijiro being taken away.....

This is a sad picture....when I took it at the race, I wasn't really aware what had happened. Sure, I knew Daijiro went down, very hard....but who would have known......it all happened so fast. The ambulance crew picked up his lifeless body and put him on a stretcher, one of the attendants pulled out some scissors. While they took him away in the ambulance I could see them trying to revive him......look carefully and you can see the helicopter coming to pick him up and take him to the Yokkaichi Emergency Hospital......I was pretty worried and was just hoping he was stunned a bit or had some kind of concussion and would be back for the next race.........half way through the race, one of the Japanese announcers said he was being treated for head and chest concussions and was doing fine.....it is still so hard to believe. I will miss Daijiro so much !! Thank you for all the great memories. We all will miss you !!

Some pictures of Daijiro and his past........click here please