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Click here for the official DFR pageThis is the Dog Fight R racing machine. It can be seen here testing out the all new Millennium Dog Fight R pipes. The millennium pipes have replaced the older DFR pipes, they increase performance dramatically compared to the older type Dog Fight R chambers. DFR is the only Japanese company right now developing, improving and testing performance pipes for the NSR. That is why they are called the millennium pipes, because they bring the NSR into the new millennium. Not even Jha can do that !! Actually it looks like Jha has given up on it's NSR chamber development. Only DFR remains for the Japanese market !! If you are interested in purchasing these awesome pipes, than contact Kuday at DFR directly for pricing, do not forget to mention " Jamie's NSR Homepage Special " for a secret bonus. DFR will ship internationally and Kuday can e-mail fluently in English or Japanese, so contact him as soon as you can !! And do not forget to check out the Official Dog Fight R web site here for more information about Dog Fight Racing.

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