Chris Baker's bikes

Click for full size - 99KThese two beautiful bikes belong to Chris Baker. On the left is his amazing 1995 NSR 250 which has all kinds of modifications and includes custom bodywork from Tyga Performance, the upper cowl is the Tyga Eyes piece with it's twin head lights from the NSR150 SP, The rear seat is the Tyga tail and all of this bodywork was beautifully painted by Tyga themselves. The pipes are also from Tyga as well and feature Carbon Kevlar silencers. On the right is a Honda RVF400, which has been sold. The NSR will be updated soon with a whole new front suspension, more power goodies and we will feature it as Bike of the Month in the near future. Stay Tuned for more !!

Be sure to check out the official Tyga Performance Website for more information about their products for the NSR and other Japanese sport bikes.