Another nice NSR from Japan, the rider is nicknamed Edge, maybe because he drives like he lives life on the edge, who really knows why, maybe he just likes shaving products. Anyway he has one nice NSR which is actually a 1990 NSR 250R SP model that was originally in the Cabin Racing colors, my second favorite colors next to Rothmans of course. His bike has been rebuilt with MC28 style upper, MC21 lowers, one piece seat cowl and smoke colored screen from Corin. A front aero fender from BEET, and Gold Magtek wheels from a 91 SP model replaced the old parts, the rear shock was also borrowed from the same bike. Edge's bike has improved engine power from the Jha SP pipes with aluminum silencers, HRC carb setting kit and carb box, race radiator, SP unit black box and the rest of the HRC parts for the MC 21. Vega Sports rear sets, NHK steering damper, Kiss high throttle kit and NC30 clip ons give better control. Braking is enhanced by mesh brake lines all around and Daytona red compound brake pads. Other extras are a a lightweight 42T rear sprocket, RK gold chain, Dunlop GPR 70SP high grip tires, Ethos design non oil pump and rear master cylinder kit, digital temperature gauge, various lightweight aluminum parts. The owner painted the bike himself in the FCC racing colors even though his bike does not have a FCC clutch kit.