Maeda Tomohiro from Hokkaido has built himself a very interesting NSR 250. The bike started off as a 1992 MC21 SE model and has been modified extensively after a traffic accident. A universal bikini type cowl replaced the damage bodywork. NC30 headlight, Zephyr seat and a Z tail cowl give the bike the BOSOZOKU look, up type one piece handle bars, bandit gauges, a MC28 fuel tank, front forks from a 94 MC28 SE model, complete rear suspension and wheel from a 1995 SE, front and rear Magtek wheels, Coerce rear sets and front fork stabilizer, NHK steering damper, TSR clutch, Ethos Tornado chambers with carbon fiber silencers, 1990 PGM unit with a KISS black box, Afram sprockets 15T and 44T, Dunlop GPR70 SP tires and a custom flaming paint job finish it off. Interesting !!