NSR 80 mini Police bike

65K - click for full sizeThis is the Chikusa wards NSR 80 mini police bike complete with a side car. 83K - Click for full sizeWhat can I say about this picture !! It just makes me laugh. Imagine getting a ticket from this guy. I was talking to the Nagoya police about this bike while I was in the police station ( Don't ask why !! ) and he told me the bike was actually a 50cc bike that was converted to a 80cc because of the side car. 50cc vehicles can not carry passengers in Japan. The bike was actually used in service a few years ago, but recently it has been more of a decoration piece that shows up in parades or public police events. I asked them if I could try the siren and he said " DAME ! DAME ! " The bike is named the AJISAI after a popular flower in Japan and has actual working lights and sirens.

61K - Click for full size