Custom NS400R
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A picture sent to me by my friend Iga who went to the Two stroke crazy meeting in the Kansai area. Iga drives a wild NSR that was featured as the August 2002 Bike of the Month. The above bike is a NS400R and has been modified with a Pro-Arm rear suspension, MC21 front end, RC30 bodywork, RS 250 seat, custom pipes and more. Very cool !! Unfortunately there were no NSR`s at the meeting. I went to the Two stroke crazy meeting near Mount Fuji and I couldn't find a single NSR there. However there were loads of early Yamaha two strokers, TZR's and a few NS400R`s

Other pics of the Two stroke crazy meeting near Mount Fuji.

Some interesting pictures I took at the annual Two stroke crazy show. There were six different events held throughout Japan simultaneously. It rained that day, so I went up with a friend in his mini-van. We had some fun goofing around on some really dangerous go-peds and got to meet other two stroke lovers. Sorry no NSR pics, but please do check out some of the pictures below.

1. TZR gang
2. A bunch of Yamaha RZV 500's
3. Wild RZV500
4. NS400R gang
5. Kawasaki KR-1's
6. RGV 250 lucky strike
7. Group of two strokers
8. Three nice Yamaha's
9. Super cool RZ250/350
10. Scooter group
11. Yamaha TDR/RVF ??
12. My wheels for the day
13. Two stroke Jeep ( Sounded so funny )
14. The four stroke parking lot
15. Two drag racing NS400R on the way home