NSR Freak

Now this has got to be one of the strangest NSR 250 models I have ever seen in my life !! What can I say about it. It was created by a Japanese art student from Shiga Prefecture whose nick name is Furuke. His theme for this bike was the year 2054. This bike started out as a 1988 NSR 250. Believe it or not !! Looking closely at the bike you will notice the front cowl is not actually a cowl, it's a front fender borrowed from a Yamaha TZ250 !! The gas tank is from an unknown source. After that it was time to start cutting for this art student. He began with the frame and replaced most of it with his own materials, next was the seat rails to get the ax and he made his own seat, other stuff to go were oil pump, top bridge, rear brake ( Yes !! No rear brake ) and various other little parts deemed unnecessary. He added a Gullarm rear suspension from a 1991 NSR 250 SE and lightweight Magnesium wheels from a 1990 NSR 250 SP with full racing slicks. What ever you think about this bike, you must admit it is interesting !! I think it looks a little like a Transformer Robot !!