Funky Boy's NSR 1

Here is a real flashy looking 1990 NSR 250R. The owner who is from Kanagawa prefecture of Japan and goes by the nick name Kazu. He and his friends started up there own little racing club with six members and they call themselves the Funky Boys !! Kazu's NSR has numerous modifications to it. The engine is all normal except for the carbs which have been tuned up with an HRC kit, the pipes are from DFR. The front brake lines are stainless lines with Brembo calipers and race pads while the rear brake has been removed ( Serious !! ) The rear suspension was swapped in favor of a Pro-Arm unit and a Jha wheel cover was added. The back step kit is also from Jha while the clip on separate handle bars and steering damper are from Coerce The radiator is a HRC race unit. Other little extras are a blue fog light for the rear of the bike, purple clutch wire, custom catch tank, a tachometer and temperature gauge from a RS racer, P racing levers plus various lightweight alumite parts. The seat cowl is from a unknown bike, the upper cowl has been replaced with a single offset headlight while the lower cowl is intact for a very unique look, Kazu also bought a BEET aero front fender and custom painted the bike himself which also includes a coat of purple pearl metallic for the frame. Kazu can regularly be seen blasting through Yokohama on late nights with his buddies !!