NSR 50 / CBX 250

This bike belongs to Mr. Sasaki of Aomori Prefecture in the northern part of Japan. The bike was originally a 1987 NSR 50 model but things changed. The original 50cc engine had self destructed and the bike had been sitting for a few years in the garage. Then one day he was able to get a CBX 250 engine in nice condition. In his spare time he was able to squeeze the CBX motor in to the 50 frame. Lots of work was involved which included cutting the frame, custom welding and fabrication of all new parts. Other parts include CBX gauges, a custom cowl stay, beefed up front suspension, KYB rear gas shock, hand made sprockets and a Super Trapp muffler. The owner claims the bike is an absolute monster with incredible torque and is a blast to drive.