NSR 50 / Monkey R

This bike is a 1996 Honda NSR 50. The owner is Atsushi from Nara in Japan. After buying the bike new he crashed it and decided to use old parts from other bikes that he has crashed !! Seriously !! Maybe this guy should give up riding !! Anyway the above bike was repaired with a few recycled parts including these.... headlight and gauges from a Kawasaki Zephyr, the gas tank is from a Honda Monkey R while the seat and rear fender are from a QR. The rear shock is a Showa racing unit. The engine was borrowed from a Honda NSR 80 and has a BRD race pipe, Jha carbon reed valves, 24mm big carb, heavy duty radiator, the brake lines are all stainless steel ones, Posh step up kit, Hurricane separate handles, digital temperature gauge, RK gold chain, lightweight sprockets 16 ( front ) and 38 ( rear ), Dunlop TT91GP tires and a Beet racing front fender finish it off.