Here is Tsutako's bike of Tokyo !! His bike is a 1992 NSR 250 SE ( MC21 ) model and has been modified extensively. A complete Pro-Arm rear suspension and Magtek wheel were added from a 1994 NSR 250 SP. The upper cowl is from Corin and is actually for the CBR but he made it work for this bike. An S-type seat from Proud racing. The wind screen is from a 1988 NSR 250. A BEET JAPAN front aero fender, clear turn signals and a custom pearl paint job finish off the outside. The pipes on this bike are from Moto Bum. HRC supplied the carb setting parts, reed valve spacers, reed stuffers, and the CDI SP unit ( de-restrictor ) Other parts are an FCC clutch, Kiss Racing carb box, carbon reed valves, NHK steering damper, Coerce Back step kit, Sansei clip on handle bars, FCM brake pads, stainless mesh lines, 15T and 40T sprockets, Dunlop GPR70SP tires, front SP magtek wheel, various aluminum dress up parts, plus some custom made parts by the owner. Nice job !!