This bike belongs to Toshi of Tokyo. It took him about two years to finish the project. Looking closely at the bike you would never know it is a 1992 SE model, but it is. The engine was swapped from a later model SP, while the chambers come from Jha. Other engine modifications include HRC reed valve spacers, stuffers, SP-unit de-restrictor box, carb setting parts plus carbon reed valves from Daytona. A lightened flywheel, FCC heavy duty clutch, KISS Racing carb box and funnels were also added. A complete rear suspension was borrowed from a NC30 ( VFR ) and a floating pin was added for looks and safety. Other extras are a removed thermostat, SP suspension parts, super long mesh brake lines, CBR 400 RR rear seat cowl, BEET aero front fender, Technical Sports back step kit, various aluminum dress up parts and a custom paint job. Nice work Toshi !!