This very nice looking 1993 NSR 50 is owned by a rider nicknamed Itokin, he belongs to his own racing team, The Sixth Edge. Looking at the Takegawa dry clutch kit for NSR 50bike closely you might not notice the dry clutch kit from Takegawa, this is a very expensive kit which is available for special orders only. It looks great, sounds great and Click for full size image - 49Koffers improved performance. But Itokin didn't stop there, he swapped in a complete engine, wiring harness and cooling system from a later model NSR 80. A full bore up kit from Jun brings it up to 93cc with a larger bore, higher compression piston and fully ported head. KISS carb box, carb setting parts, light weight flywheel, CR80 carbon reed valves, PE28 millimeter race carb, high throttle kit, Libra full race chamber with a WJ silencer, Kitaco cross mission kit, TZR 50 radiator, 15 weight front fork oil, front mesh brake line, NSR 250R master cylinder, Daytona pads, Posh temperature gauge, 15T ( front ) and 35T ( rear ) aluminum sprockets, Dunlop TT90 GP tires. The rear set cowl is the S type from Corin motors, an 88 upper cowl with a head light from a CBR 400 molded into it, race screen, Beet Japan Aero Jack fender and a flawless paint job in golden brown sugar !!