Jha NSR 80 Complete machine

84K - Click for full imageThis is the Jha NSR 80 complete machine. It originally went on sale in the spring of 1996. 79K - Click for full size It is a factory Honda NSR 80 which has the Jha full power kit. The power kit consists of the Jha SPL chamber with a carbon kevler silencer designed specifically for the NSR 80. It is also available separately for about 48,000 Yen. Other parts included with the kit are a complete bore up kit which increases displacement to 93cc. It also comes with a specially ported and polished cylinder 35K - Click for full sizehead that works in conjunction with the entire Jha full power kit to maximize performance. A huge PWK 28mm carburetor, insulator, reed stuffers, setting parts and a big reed valve kit finish it off. All of these parts are or were sold separately by Jha for people who already have a NSR 80. The price for the complete bike is or was 448,000 Yen and that 39K - Click for full sizeincluded a brand new NSR 80, the full power kit, plus the rear Carbon seat cowl all fully painted in Jha colors. These bikes were only built for a limited run and are now out of production unfortunately. I believe Jha is still selling the SPL chamber but the power up kit appears to be out of production. So just how fast are these little NSR mini bikes. How 93K - click for full sizeabout an additional 12 to 15 horsepower at the rear wheel which brings total power to 24 to 27 horsepower and a 15.884 second zero to 400 meter sprint ( the Japanese equivalent of the quarter mile ) the speed at the end of the timing lights was 127.47 km/h and a top speed of 150 km/h !! Not bad at all for a mini bike with 12 inch wheels. Contact Jha directly for more information but I am pretty sure they have discontinued these parts except for the pipe since I last spoke with them.

Jha NSR 80 complete bike - 448,000 Yen ( Includes NSR 80 and full power kit )
Jha NSR 80 Full power kit only - 138,000 Yen
Jha NSR 80 Pipe only - 48,000 Yen
Jha SPL bore up cylinder 19, 800 Yen
Jha SPL cylinder head 9,800 Yen
Jha SPL oversized piston kit 4,800 Yen
Big Carb kit - 19,800 Yen
Carb insulator - 1,980 Yen
Big reed valve kit - 4,800 Yen

Carbon seat cowl - 28,000 Yen