Kitaco NR50 Replica

Looking at this bike you might think it is the ultra rare and exotic NR 750, but look closely and you will see it is actually a NSR 50 with Kitaco's NR style bodywork. The upper and lower cowl are sold as a set for 49,800 Yen and include all the lights and turn signals. The seat is priced at about 26,000 Yen and fits all NSR 50 and 80 models until 1994. The front fender is around 9,000 Yen. Unfortunately this bodywork has been discontinued from what I have heard, but it may still be possible to special order this from Kitaco with a lot of begging. I though I would include this picture because this bike looks so cool. Other Kitaco goodies include the front floating brake disc, longer rear aluminum swingarm, step up kit and rear sets, race pipe and more. Click here to see more information about Kitaco mini bike parts.