Suri Suri Kun

This awesome NSR belongs to a talented rider nicknamed Suri Suri Kun. He is from Aichi Prefecture and is another one of the Yahagi friends. If you visit the Yahagi area, you will definitely find him flying through the twisty roads. His bike is a NSR 50 but actually it has a much larger 80cc engine in it with the Jha SPL NSR 80 race chamber and carbon kevlar silencer. Look closely at the front forks !! They are the very cool and expensive Takegawa upside down fork kit. This bike is unbelievable. The rear swingarm is a lightweight and longer aluminum swingarm from Kitaco, race shock, floating brake disc, stainless mesh brake lines, larger front caliper, over sized carb, carb box and every little part possible. The bodywork has been updated to the later style body work and custom painted in Rothmans colors. I will add some video later of Suri Suri Kun racing around Yahagi and blowing the doors off of a 300 plus horsepower Subaru WRX !!