PART TWO - RS Bodywork

Welcome to Project NSR 2. This is part two in a series of segments showing you how Oyvind Birkeland of Norway will restore his NSR back to better than original condition.

Click for full size image - 49K Project NSR 2 is finally coming along. Oyvind has been quite busy working on the bike throughout the winter season. On the left are some metal plates which can be found at most hardware or home centers.
After cutting the plates to the desired shape, next was to bend them to fit on the NSR250 seat rail. Cost of the plates were about two dollars. Click for full size image - 37K
Click for full size image - 46K A view of the new seat brackets made by Oyvind. It required a lot of work to make them fit right. Click on the image for a larger view of the inner bracket.

The seat cowl is from a 1998 Honda RS250 racer. It required some major modifications to make it fit on Oyvind's NSR. The first thing was to remove the old broken seat, than began the trouble of cutting away the rear seat rail and subframe. The seat itself was also modified and trimmed a little bit to make it fit nicely around the frame and gas tank. After that, lots of time and effort was required to match the hand made brackets to the RS250 seat cowl holes.

Click for full size image - 73K
Click for full size image - 45K A larger hole was needed for the seat pad as well. This was also carefully cut out by Oyvind to match the original NSR seat pad.
Finally the seat is bolted on to the NSR and fits perfectly after all the modifications. It fits securely and tight while supporting Oyvind's weight well, at least in the garage. Click for full size image - 47K
Click for full size image - 77K The seat cowl looks great. It cleans up the rear appearance of the bike and saves a substantial amount of weight. A small rear brake light will be added later. The number plate will be attached under the seat cowl when the bike is ready.
Next we move to the front of the bike. The upper and lower cowl are also from the same RS250. Oyvind was lucky enough to find all this RS250 bodywork from a shop in Sweden for less than 400 dollars which included tax, delivery, the seat and a double bubble stepped racing screen. Click for full size image - 73K
Click for full size image - 57K The upper cowl was temporarily fastened to the NSR while the lower cowl was taped to the upper cowl until it could be fastened securely.
The front bodywork needed some trimming as well. It was necessary to cut around the lower cylinder as well as the side stand area. Oyvind has ordered a new set of racing pipes as well as a whole bunch of other parts. Once the new pipes arrive, they will be fit and more trimming of the bodywork will probably be necessary. Small twin headlights will be added later to the ram air ducts. Click for full size image - 37K
Click for full size image - 38K These are the D-fasteners that will be used in the next part of Project NSR. The next part will see new pipes, test painting, proper fitting of the front bodywork, lights and more. Stay tuned !!

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