PART THREE - RS Bodywork and derestriction

Welcome to Project NSR 2. This is part three in a series of segments showing you how Oyvind Birkeland of Norway will restore his NSR back to better than original condition.

89K - Click for full size image Part three of PROJECT NSR 2 shows what Oyvind has been up to since the last update. On the left are brand new Jolly Moto racing pipes ordered from Red Racing Parts. They fit fine with the normal rear sets and come with carbon fiber silencers.
The back view of PROJECT NSR 2 shows the very cool looking RS250 seat cowl. It cleans up the back of the NSR much more than the original parts. Of course the seat needed to be cut, modified and refit several times. The new pipes look cool, have a much better and raspier sound. In addition they help to derestrict the NSR. New tires will be added later as well as a rear brake light. 28K - Click for full size
64K - Click for full size image With the seat cowl removed, you can clearly see how he cut away the rear area of the seat frame. In addition you can easily see the special seat brackets that were made in part two.

The seat cushion was temporarily fitted. Oyvind will finish up the body work soon with more final grinding, refinishing and sanding before applying the paint. The final color is still undecided.

71K - Click for full size
68K - Click for full size image While Oyvind was waiting for his front end to arrive, he ordered a HRC 030 card to complete the derestriction of his MC28. It was easily ordered from Apexleisure and completes the derestriction of the NSR.

Since the HRC card was designed for racing use only, it requires some modification to the PGM wiring harness to work on the street. It is a fairly simple process that takes a few minutes. For a complete guide on how to do this. Check out Tyga Performances complete guide to derestricting the MC28.

77K - Click for full size image
75K - Click for full size image This process derestricts your NSR at the expense of a lost neutral light, oil level indicator light, the side stand switch and the speedometer which transforms into a large temperature gauge.
Project NSR 2 awaiting the front suspension. The RS250 cowl was properly fit with new quick D-fasteners and a GP style stepped racing screen ( Double bubble ) was added. 72K - Click for full size image
38K - Click for full size image A close up view of the side brackets made by Oyvind for the lower RS250 cowl. The finish of the bodywork is still a little rough and will be smoothed out later. The main thing is that the body work fits tightly and securely.

The front of the bike shows the twin projector lights that Oyvind fit into the ram air section of the RS250 upper cowl. Some minor cutting of the lower cowl was also required to fit the Jolly Moto pipes as well as the side stand.

40K - Click for full size image
59K - Click for full size The tank was fitted with a super lightweight aluminum gas cap from Red Racing Parts. Sorry no key, but Oyvind does not seem to mind. The tank was test sprayed in metallic blue, but Oyvind has decided to go with another color. Stay tuned for more !!
Part four will show PROJECT NSR 2 nearing completion with a complete front end, new paint, brake improvements, carb setting and more performance parts as well as a test report for the first time. Stay tuned !!

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