PART FOUR - Project NSR 2 completed !!

Welcome to Project NSR 2. This is the final chapter about Oyvind and his NSR 250 from Norway that was totally wrecked and brought back to life to ride again.

50K - Click for full size image In Part three Project NSR 2 was derestricted with a set of racing pipes and the HRC 030 card key. These modifications required the carburetors to be completely rejetted to take full advantage of the new parts.
Old carb was removed, completely cleaned up, and reassembled with HRC SS/SP settings. A little fine tuning and adjusting had the NSR running very well using the stock airbox with no lid and a Daytona Turbo Filter. 79K - Click for full size image
73K - Click for full size image A used front end was located from a parts recycle shop overseas and ordered up quickly. Finally Project NSR 2 could be rolled around and no longer needed to be suspended from the ceiling using straps and hooks. Things were finally starting to come around.
The new front end was missing a few brake parts so these were replaced without hesitation using aftermarket performance parts from Red Racing. The Discacciati radial pump master cylinder gives much improved braking performance and comes with a cool folding lever to reduce the chance of damage in a crash. 79K - Click for full size image
76K - Click for full size image New aftermarket floating disc rotors were also purchased from Red Racing and installed with new Ferodo Super Sport pads and Kevlar brake lines. Test runs at the local circuit impressed Oyvind with the newly installed brake goodies.
Finally a complete picture of Project NSR 2. This picture was taken moments before a test run at the local race course. At last the bike was all in one piece, a new front end from a donor NSR replaced the smashed front end. 75K - Click for full size image
64K - Click for full size image Bodywork on the bike is all finished. The original plans were to have a wild and custom paint job, but Oyvind decided on a simpler paint finish since this bike was to be a race bike and it would be too costly to repaint the bike after each crash.
The rear of the NSR shows the custom fitted RS250 seat. This seat was a lot of work to do and required a special seat mount subframe to be built. The lower cowls did not fit so well too and required cutting, trimming and special brackets. The sidestand was even cut a little and reworked for reverse style GP shifting. 68K - Click for full size image
77K - Click for full size image On the track the NSR ran great. Oyvind had lots of track time and experimented with various settings. He finally got the bike jetted perfectly. With the HRC card and Jolly Moto pipes the NSR was flying through the track and passing much larger bikes. The front wheel was lifting off the ground in second gear.
Overall the day went very well. The NSR performed flawlessly and Oyvind was really impressed with his new bike. 93K - Click for full size image
64K - Click for full size image Some other parts that were installed were the RS250 stepped screen, lightweight clip ons, powder coated front fork lowers and rebuilt front SE forks with race-tech valves. The front fender of this bike is missing. That is about all that is needed on the bike for now. The bike was quickly sprayed in flat black for a stealth look.
So that is about it for Project NSR 2. What will become of this NSR ? Sad to say, Oyvind has lost interest in the NSR and moved on to another type of racing, Super Motard and has sold the bike. Hope everyone enjoyed this Project. Thanks. 73K - Click for full size image

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