In Memory of Caleb Taiki Thomason

Part Two

Welcome to Part two of Project NSR 500. In this segment we will show you the CR500 engine installed with the custom made brackets and the hand made pipe for this monster machine.
88K - Click for full size image In Part One of Project NSR 500 Chris was just about to install the engine. Finally in Part Two you can see how the bike looks with the engine installed. This picture shows the engine installed prior to sprocket alignment and you can not see the other engine modifications that will follow.

The engine from the other side before the custom kick starter shaft and shift lever shaft extensions were added. The engine is cooled by the stock NSR radiator, but required all new hoses from the NSR250, CR500, various dirt bikes and parts borrowed from Farm equipment for a correct fitting. A few of the hoses are not connected in this picture yet.

96K - Click for full size image
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Here we have a picture of the CR500 carb being hooked up and the throttle cable being routed through. Since this giant carb will not work with the NSR airbox it will be necessary to add a foam POD filter in the next chapter.

The clutch cable is tricky on this bike and needs to be specially routed from the left hand grip to the right side of the bike, then crosses over the reed cage and goes down by the stator.

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The new carb means the NSR style choke cable is rendered useless. This picture just shows it hanging there. However you can easily reach the choke between the left fairing and adjust the idle speed by turning the choke knob even though it is under the tank.

Honda never made a NSR/CR500 so it was necessary to come up with a completely new exhaust system that would fit the stock NSR bodywork and increase performance of the CR500 engine. A two stroke specialty shop made a design based on a mathematical theory that was then cut into several pieces.

41K - Click for full size image
54K - Click for full size image The pieces were tack welded together by Chris after hours of hard work, cutting and fitting. Later on the pipe was finished up by a profession welding shop because Chris's welder was burning right through the thin pipe material.
The finished pipe after picking it up from the welding shop. The silencer from the CR500 was cut down a bit to keep it the same length as the NSR250 because part of the silencer was built into the old CR500 muffler. 77K - Click for full size image
80K - Click for full size image This picture shows the adapter from the old CR500 pipe that was cut off and welded to the new hand made pipe to fit the stock CR500 silencer.
A comparison photo shows the size difference of the huge hand made CR500 pipe ( below ) compared to the NSR 250 Jha pipe. Notice the CR500 pipe is about 10 inches longer even with no silencer. 76K - Click for full size image
94K - Click for full size image Finally the hand made pipe is bolted on to Project NSR 500 for the first time. Notice the piece of aluminum around the kick starter ? This is part of the custom kick starter shaft that will come later and is a very important part of this engine swap. Radiator hoses are complete and all hooked up.
Another view of the hand made pipe. It is absolutely huge but should work well and have enough clearance for the normal bodywork to fit snugly. 77K - Click for full size image
80K - Click for full size image This picture shows the stock CR500 silencer attached to the hand made pipe. The pipe is incredibly long. Chris is planning on fixing the angle a little and to reduce the height a bit too. There may be future plans for a custom GP style silencer soon.
That completes Part two of Project NSR 500. In Part Three things will really start to come along. The bodywork will be fitted, the custom shifting and kick starter parts will be finished, wiring and electrical plus more that will happen including the first test ride of the very interesting machine. Stay tuned for Part three..........coming soon !!

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