DFR Millennium chamber

25K - Click for full sizeThese are the latest Millennium pipes from Dog Fight R Racing. Dog Fight has recently released these pipes after extensive testing, redesigning and development. They are known as the Millennium pipes because DFR started this project in the new millennium. 49K - Click for full size - new pipe on the bottomMost other Japanese companies have stopped development of their exhaust systems for the NSR, but Dog Fight is always finding new ways to improve it's products. So what are the differences between the old pipes and the new Millennium pipes ?? First thing is they offer improved performance with a much fatter and broader torque curve. Second the new silencers are redeveloped for free flowing, light weight and have a larger exhaust exit which helps in the improved performance. 77K - Click for full sizeThird, the old type DFR pipes required race gas for maximum performance, while the new Millennium pipes are designed to work with High Octane pump gas while providing the same power. Fourth, they make power at even higher revs without affecting the lower end. A full 500 RPM higher than the older pipes. The old pipes revved to 12,800 with the new Millennium pipes revving up to 13,300 RPM. Fifth, special mounts on the body of the chamberClick for the Official DFR page allow a more secure fit so that it is not necessary to use a silencer stay holder, just bolt them on !! DFR claims that 70 horsepower is possible with a correctly set up machine. Available for the 1990 - 1993 NSR 250 ( MC21 ) and 1994 - 1999 NSR 250 ( MC28 )