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Dragon fighter upper and lower - Red

Azuma has released it's new line up of bodywork for the NSR 250. As you can see in the picture it is semi see through. The body work is avaiable in five colors. They are blue, red , green, purple and yellow. Known as the Dragon Fighter. The upper cowl is unique with it's vertical twin lights. The normal turn signals and screen will work but you will need to provide your own lights as the factory light set up will not work with this fairing. Most after market fog lights will fit. The lower cowl is a one piece unit and has some massive air vents on both sides which look something like a Ferrari Tesstarossa. Prices for the full cowl are about 50,000 Yen. They are sold as a set and you must provide your own head lights or Azuma can set you up with a set for an extra cost. I don't know how much extra for the lights. Contact Azuma. There is also a white gel coat upper and lower set for about 40,000 Yen. Rear seat cowl

Here is the seat cowl that matches the upper and lower Dragon Fighter cowl. It too is semi see through and availableRear seat cowl in the same colors of blue, red, green, purple and yellow. The parts in the above pictures are red. The transparent colored parts known in Japan as skeleton colors are priced at 32,000 Yen for the seat cowl or 28,000 Yen for white gel coat. The seat cowl is a one piece unit and has no space for your mini storage space but looks cool so who cares. The rear also has a very interesting air duct. It fits all NSR models from 1990 and up. Azuma has a rear brake light that will fit in the rear air duct for an additional cost. I don't know how much it is. Contact Azuma for more info. Front fender is also available too in the skeleton colors to match the rest of the Dragon Fighter body work. Cost is 12,000 Yen and it's sold in five colors. Or for a lower cost of 9,800 Yen you can have it in a white gel coat.


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