FRP Shop Azuma

FRP Shop AzumaAzuma works closely with Jha, Harc-pro and recently teamed up with i - factory to release it's all new see through colored body work for NSR and other Japanese motorcycles. Take me to the official AZUMA Website for more in Japanese.

Click for more pics and info Some of the most interesting body work to come along for the NSR. It's see through and available in five colors. Click here or on the picture for more about this cool bodywork known as the Dragon Fighter.
Click for full size image - 46K The same bodywork as above only in a white gel coat. A full cowl ( upper and lower ) will set you back a reasonable 38,000. Sold as a set only. The rear seat cowl is 22,000 Yen. More pictures to come soon.
Hybrid racer with Azuma bodywork - Click it for more Check out this custom Honda / Yamaha hybrid bike with Azuma bodywork in transparent green. Click here or on the picture for more information.

Name : FRP Shop Azuma
Address : Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku, Numabukuro 3-20-15, Japan 165-0025
Telephone : Office : ( 03 ) 3386 - 2357
Factory : 0429 ( 42 ) 8625