Click to see the Official BikeShifter.Com Website QuickShifter.Com sells high quality Electronic quick shifter kits for the NSR250 and all kinds of other sportbikes, racing carts, cars and more. The kit is designed to allow clutchless shifting while under full acceleration. No need to roll-off the throttle while shifting gears anymore. Perfect for racers, drag racers and riders who want to save split seconds for faster acceleratrion which means quicker times. Check out the Official Bike Shifter.Com Website for more information.

*** Don't forget to mention "Jamie's NSR Homepage" for a small discount on your first order. ***
80K - Click for full size image The complete BikeShifter kit for the NSR250. It is sold as a complete kit with all parts ready for a simple installation. Step by step instructions complete with pictures make installation a breeze.
96K - Click for full size image Optional parts that are sold are these very trick and cool Gear position selector lights that show you at all times what gear you are in. Bright LED light is easily visible even in bright sunlight.
13K - Click for full size image BikeShifter also makes this very interesting ButtonShifter kit too. Click here or on the picture for a larger size.
11K - Click for slightly larger size image The ButtonShifter lets you shift up through all the gears at the simple touch of a button, without using your foot. You can use either your passing light button or your horn button for the installation. Complete with all parts and fittings made from 6061 aluminium. Installation of the kit means you can still shift gears manually as well with no problems if you prefer. Complete step by step color instructions and fits under your seat for a neat, clean and simple installtion. Check out the ButtonShifter Website for more information and pricing.