Click here for the Official Daytona PageDaytona parts make all kinds of parts for the NSR 250, 80 and 50 plus most other bikes at well. Check out the Official Daytona Page for more info but unfortunately it's all in Japanese.

Click for larger image - 16K Here are the latest steering dampers from Daytona. They have types for all NSR 250 models. Contact Daytona for more details about pricing.
Click for full image - 12K These are the Titan brand steering dampers from Daytona. Please contact Daytona for more info and pricing about these parts.
Click for larger image - 69K The new illuminated digital tachometer gauge. Priced at 12,800 Yen. Click on the picture for a larger image.
Click for full size image - 64K The new illuminated temperature gauge from Daytona. It's priced at 7,800 Yen. Click on the image for a larger image.
Click for larger image - 28K Head light kill switch. Fits all MC28 NSR models from 1994 to 1999. It allows you to operate the switch to your needs. Price is about 4,000 Yen.
Click for larger image - 25K Daytona Parts carbon fiber meter panel. It sticks on to the normal panel for a racier appearance. Priced at 5,200 Yen for 1990 - 1993 NSR models and 5,800 Yen for 1994 to 1999 NSR models.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY DAYTONA
Click for larger image - 29K The non - cowl kit fits MC21 NSR models. It includes all necessary parts to replace your missing or broken cowl. Priced at about 33,000 Yen for the entire kit.
Click for full image - 33K The Quick shifter kit from Daytona is priced at about 14,000 Yen. It fits all MC21 models from 1990 - 1993. Allows instant gear changes.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY DAYTONA
Click for larger info - 18K Daytona turbo filter. Fits your normal airbox. No re-jetting required and priced at about 2,500 Yen. For 1990 - 1999 NSR 250 models.
Click for full image - 24K

The CDI Progressor kit from Daytona. On and off switch allows you to enable or disable the limiter when necessary. Priced at around 4,000 Yen and fits all MC21 NSR models.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY DAYTONA

Click for full size - 30K RE Carbon Reed valves. Increased throttle response and power. Fits all NSR models from 1990 to 1999. Priced at about 14,500 Yen for a full set.
Click for more - 29K

High throttle kit from Daytona reduces the distance you need to open your throttle from close to full throttle. Great for racers. Fits MC21 and MC28 NSR models and it's priced at about 12,800 Yen for the entire kit.
Update : April 15, 2002 DISCONTINUED BY DAYTONA

Name : Daytona Parts
Address : 1836 Iwai, Iwata, Shizuoka 438-0016 Japan
Telephone : 538-35-6111
Fax : 538-37-0809



Please note : These prices may be higher now, some parts may no longer be for sale.
Contact Daytona Parts directly for more information !!!