Ethos Design

Ethos makes some of the most coolest pipes. They are active in racing in the Japan GP and are an authorized HRC dealer too. Check out the Official Ethos Homepage but it's all in Japanese.

74 K - Click for larger image and more info Click on the image or here for more information about the Tornado type pipes made by Ethos. Awesome !!!
Ethos Click on the picture to see a larger view of the exclusive Ethos Design stainless brake lines. They are available for 11,800 Yen. The hose allows a much more direct and secure feeling over the originals.
Ethos race brake discs - 17K Made of Durlamin, these floating disc rotors are for the serious racer who doesn't mind spending the 41,600 Yen it will cost for the pair for your very own NSR race bike. Recommended for racing only because these rotors take some time to heat up.
Ethos race compound brake pads - 15K Ethos makes some very fine brake pads made of Carbon metal. They are priced at 6,800 Yen per caliper and are recommended for racing only. Click on the image for a slightly larger version.
74 K - Click for larger image and more info Another fine set of pipes made by Ethos, more of a race pipe but also fine for street riding, click here or on the picture for more information.
Ethos sells their own screen which cuts through the air for better aero dynamics and let's the air fly over your helmet when you tuck down for racing. It's lighter and thinner than the regular screen and the cost is 16,000 Yen.
Ethos HRC bodywork - 27K Complete bodywork is available too for 1990 and up NSR 250 models. A complete front cowl will cost you 48,000 Yen and a one piece seat cowl will set you back 29,000. Prices are the same for MC21 and MC28. Click here or on the picture for more.
Ethos race stand This is the Ethos Design stand designed specifically for Pro-Arm Honda motorcycles. It's priced at 11,900 Yen

Name : Ethos Design
Address : 4-13 Moritomo , Nishi - ku , Kobe city , 651-21 Japan
Telephone : ( 078 ) 928-6644
Fax : ( 078 ) 928-4711