Fire Garage

The Official Fire Garage Page !Fire Garage which is located in Tokyo races competitively in Japan, stocks HRC parts, new and used parts plus they can fine tune your bike and build custom parts for it. What ever your needs, they can do it. Check out the Official Fire Garage site.

Fire Garage custom bike - 44K for full size image Here is one of Fire Garage's custom bikes which is for sale (Aug,05) Looking at the bike you wouldn't know it started off as an 89 but it did. Massive brakes and RVF upside down forks with the Pro-Arm suspension........Click the image for a larger view.
Click for slightly bigger image - 10K Here is Fire Garage's hand made pipes starting at 96,000 Yen to 139,000 Yen with stainless steel pipes and carbon silencers. They have pipes for all NSR 250's from 1990 and up.
Fire Garage FCM pads These are the latest pads for your NSR, made of carbon metallic. Recommended for racing but they might work on the street. They will set you back 6,800 Yen per caliper.
Another awesome bike built by Fire Garage. Known as the EVO. It is featured in Bike of the Month for September, click here or on the picture to check it out.

Name : Fire Garage
Address : Tokyo-to, Itabashi-ku, Higashiyama-cho 32-1, Japan 174-0073
Telephone : 03-3955-0890
Fax : 03-3955-8579