Hiryu Racing

Hiryu Racing is based in Japan of course and started racing NSR's successfully in 1995. At the moment it is unknown where they are. They have moved their shop and now it looks like they have moved on to other projects but I still included this information about their products. Sorry there is no Hiryu Racing homepage. When I find out more about the fate of this company I will include it in here. Stay tuned !!

Hiryu Racing update : December 1, 2001 ....... Out of business !!

Hiryu SP pipes - 49K for full size Here is a picture of the Hiryu Racing SP type pipes which are priced at 100,000 Yen. There is also a SS version available too depending on your needs. The SS version is a true race pipe and made of lighter materials plus the cost is higher at 120,000 for a full set. Pictured on the left are the SP pipes. Click here or the picture for more.
Hiryu silencer - 36K Zoom it !!! Click on the picture for a really big picture of the Hiryu Racing silencer or if you like just click here. ( 36K )
This is Hiryu Racing's back step kit made to the same specifications as GP racing machines with it's reversed gears. Priced at 29,800 Yen for the complete kit. Click on the picture or click here for a slightly larger image.
Hiryu SP Racer - 57K for full sized image Click on the image or click here for a full size image ( 57K ) of Hiryu Racing's SP NSR racer.

Name : Hiryu Racing
Telephone : 048 ( 667 ) 6039