i - Factory

i-Factory has moved to a larger facility. They are very competitive in racing. They make their own original parts plus they are an authorized HRC dealer and specialize in maximizing the performance of NSR 250 bikes. Sorry no web site for them.

Click for more details Located in the north east part of Japan. They are very familiar with NSR's and have a complete machine shop with lots of experience. i - Factory can do what ever you request and build complete machines with full power. Click on the picture or click here for more about these pipes.
Click for full size image - 56K i - Factory's original back step kit for the NSR 250. Available for 1990 to 1999 models. Priced at around 30,000 Yen.
Click for full image - 49K i - Factory specializes in rebuilding gearboxes. On the left is a MC21 unit while the right is a MC28 unit. They are both modified with HRC gears and i - factory special parts. Pricing starts at around 60,000 for a rebuild.
Click for more 25K Here is a close up of the SPL flywheel installed on a MC28 NSR. The flywheel is priced at 25,000 Yen.
Click for full size - 32K This is i - factory's original spring. It's spring rate is 12.5 kg ( Normal spring rate is 12kg ) It's designed for racing but will work just fine on the street. Priced at around 8,800 Yen. Fits 1990 to 1999 models.
Click for full size - 16K i - Factory recommends rebuilding your rear shock after 30,000 km's. They can rebuild yours for about 18,000 Yen plus 2,500 for the new air valve parts pictured on the left side.

Name : i - Factory
Address : Tochigi-ken, Oyama city, Sendazuka 290-6, Japan 329-0202
Telephone : 0285-45-3373
Fax : 0285-45-8464